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Servitization is the selling of a Product as a Product-Service System, an integrated combination of Products and Services. Valinso is specialized in the realization of Servitization and offers a selection of services and solutions to ensure result:


Valinso Servitization enables innovative Business Models

Valinso Operation provides an operational Back Office environment

Valinso Realization customizes products, Back Office modules and interfaces

Valinso Consultancy advises on Business Model Innovation and Strategy Development


Valinso works together with a number of specialized partner companies. Our gathered knowledge provides solutions and services customized to your needs.  Our proved product development process ensures high quality solutions on time and within budget.

Valinso makes Servitization profitable!

Valinso Servitization

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Valinso Servitization provides a quick launch of Innovative Business Models, without the need to build a complete Back Office environment. Valinso Servitization enables recurring revenue generation throughout the product lifetime, simultaneously providing a higher service level and more added value to your customers.


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Valinso Realization

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Valinso Realization provides full project management & engineering capabilities to make your products ready for Servitization, customizes the Back Office to interface with your systems and implements the required processes.


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Valinso Operation

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Valinso Operation provides an operational Back Office service offering full control of your Installed Base. Valinso Operation implements Business Processes and integrates seamlessly with your administrative systems. The step into the Servitization business has never been so small.


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Valinso Consultancy

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Valinso Consultancy supports companies on Business Model Innovation and Strategy Development. Valinso Consultancy offers Interim Management to implement the required changes into your organization.


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