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Valinso Operation

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Valinso Operation provides an operational Back Office service offering full control of your Installed Base. Valinso Operation implements Business Processes and integrates seamlessly with your administrative systems. The step into the Servitization business has never been so small.


Product Focus

Product companies traditionally focus their R&D activities on developing and optimizing their products. As business demands increasing levels of services, the need of a Back Office becomes more and more important. Developing a Back Office is however something different, it requires a different way of thinking and it potentially takes the focus away from developing and optimizing your products. The business however needs the Back Office to full fill market requirements, enable recurring revenue and to make your product offering unique in the market.

Valinso Operation provides a complete operational Back Office service so your R&D department can stay focussed on making the best product in the market.


Valinso Operation provides:


  • Connection to a large number of remote systems
  • Status monitoring of remote systems
  • Configuration management
  • Remote software upgrade management
  • Remote restart
  • Extended logging functionality
  • Alarm handling (E.g. SMS / E-mail to service technicians)
  • Billing functionality
  • Payment functionality
  • Tracking and Tracing functionality
  • Interfacing to ERP systems
  • Extensive Reporting facilities
  • Authentication of users, groups and definition of roles
  • Business Process Management



Valinso provides a Back Office ready to serve your products!