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Valinso Realization

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Valinso Realization provides full project management & engineering capabilities to make your products ready for Servitization, customizes the Back Office to interface with your systems and implements the required processes.


Servitization Preconditions

Connectivity, Remote Monitoring and Remote Upgradability are the most important preconditions to enable Servitization.



With suppliers responsible for delivering service levels, it should be possible to monitor the delivered service remotely. Connectivity between the equipment and a Back Office needs to be established.

Remote monitoring

Self-diagnoses on the equipment is needed and detecting flaws in the surroundings of the system can be very use full. Alarms and status indications need to be sent to a Back Office that can take the desired action immediately.

Remote upgradability

As customers are most likely requiring additional or different services in future, remote upgradability of equipment could extend the lifetime of the products significantly.


Valinso Realization has flexible hardware and software modules available to make your product suitable for the Servitization business. Valinso Realization has a lot of experience in the development processes needed for the implementation.


Valinso Realization has an experienced team ready to help you with the implementation of the Servitization preconditions in your system. Valinso Realization works together with partner companies to ensure the right people with the right knowledge and experience are working on your project. Valinso Realization can completely take over the project responsibility.

Project Approach

Valinso Realization makes development projects manageable. Development projects tend to budget overruns and dissatisfied stakeholders. A right project approach prevents this and results in a successful project for all involved stakeholders, satisfying their expectations.

Valinso Realization uses different project management methods depending on the type of project. The early feedback is always used to ensure the right focus of the development team and to manage the expectations of the different stakeholders.

Valinso ensures a smooth and successful implementation!