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Valinso Servitization

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Valinso Servitization provides a quick launch of Innovative Business Models, without the need to build a complete Back Office environment. Valinso Servitization enables recurring revenue generation throughout the product lifetime, simultaneously providing a higher service level and more added value to your customers.


Business Trends

Businesses tend toward higher levels of service. Focus is moved from the product itself to the functionality it is delivering. Customers keep suppliers more and more responsible for delivering functionality instead of supplying a product. Nowadays Service Level Agreements (SLA's) are requested, where in the past a normal service contract was considered standard.  This shift in market demands requires a different market approach and additional capabilities for both products and organizations.

Control of Installed Base

In this changing world it is key to keep control over your products especially when they are put in use at your customers site. Control over your installed base enables added value to your products and services. Some examples can be found in the following table.


Control of Installed Base
Product reporting problems Enables service actions to be taken before the customer is even aware a problem occurred.
Product reporting the use of wearing parts Enables exchange of parts before they break.

Enables optimization of the service organization.

Reduces service cost. (Parts are only exchanged when needed.)

Remote software update

Enables improvement of the product during its lifetime

Enables additional future functionality

Product Lifetimes can be extended

Configuration management

Enables flexible functionality of the products

Enables recurring business


These control functions not only optimize the current business model, but also enable additional Business Models:


  • Products can be sold by monthly use
  • Products can be sold by used functionality
  • Detailed reports can be provided to your customer
  • Analyses and advise can be provide to your customer
  • Service can be sold in different levels


Access to the installed base is an important first step. It can however be extended in many ways. The following table describes some possibilities.


Extended Control
Adding user authentication

Provides identity information. Different users/department can be charged differently

Monthly subscriptions can be sold

Adding a payment interface to your product

Let end-users pay before the use of the product.

Adding GPS functionality

Enables tracking and tracing functionality


Valinso Servitization provides complete solutions to launch your product into the Servitization world.


  • Hardware and software modules are available for a seamless implementation into your product.
  • Professional engineering capacity is available to support this implementation
  • Operational Back office is ready to securely control your installed base and smoothly run your Business Processes
  • Consultancy team ready to support you on Strategy, Business Models, Innovation Management and Processes

    Servitization Diagram


Valinso Servitization is ready for many different market segments. The following table gives some examples.



  • Monitoring of network performance
  • Monitoring of water levels
  • Monitoring of elevators
  • Smart metering
  • Home automation access points
  • Public traffic matrix sign control
  • Remote machine monitoring
  • Factory monitoring
Valinso provides a jump start into Servitization!