Valinso Payment Service

Valinso Payment Service offers a "one-stop shopping" payment solution. All payments are collected in the background and are transferred weekly as a single amount to your bank account, so no large numbers of payments from individual terminals to your bank account. All income via your payment terminals is deposited into your account without deduction of transaction costs. A full report is sent weekly with all transactions from all your payment terminals. You will receive a separate invoice once a month for the transaction costs.

The trio reader is specially designed for installation on vending machines for contactless payment or with the EMV chip.

Accepts all pinless contactless payment methods:

  • Tap - Contactless NFC
  • Chip – Contact EMV

Developed specifically for vending machines, meets all EVA requirements.
EMV certified.
Efficient installation and maintenance.
Developed for indoor and outdoor use.

The UNO. Full NFC for flush mounting and surface mounting.

Installation options:
On-panel installation or In-panel installation.
Supported USB configurations.
IP X5 for indoor and outdoor installations.
Supports offline PIN authentication.
Two micro SAM.
DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction) support.
Communication Interfaces:

  • USB 2.0 / RS232 / RS485 / TTL
  • VDC – 45VDC or 5VDC via USB bus

telebox + trio/uno

Connectable to vending and coffee machines equipped with an MDB bus.
Also available with integrated telemetry. Suitable for reading EVA-DTS Audit file and linking to the Vendon Cloud solution.



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