Management and analysis of remote vending and coffee machines

We offer Vendon technology for tracking and analysing all your sales, as well as remotely setting product prices. We have been working with Vendon equipment for years, a tested and reliable system that is easy to use.

Coffee machine management

Gather real-time information on the status of your coffee machines and their production. Use this information to create up-to-date business information and consumer behaviour reports that will be available everywhere.

  • Insight into information about water temperature, brewing time, bean consumption, pressure and more.
  • Obtain accurate and up-to-date sales reports.
  • Central overview of information about all vending machines in the network.
  • Supports most OCS, automatic, semi-automatic and traditional coffee machines.
  • Fault reports.

Sales telemetry

Manage your vending machines remotely, increase your revenue, obtain online information and allow your customers to pay with innovative payment methods. Use this information to plan maintenance routes, reduce downtime, reduce unnecessary visits and reduce fuel costs.

  • Automatically scheduled maintenance routes and inventory requirements.
  • Insight into the real-time status of vending machines.
  • Reports analysing your sales information.
  • Integrate with existing business management systems (ERPs).

How it works

Vending Service telemetry solutions

Office Coffee Service Telemetry Solutions

The Vendon solution

Vendon's telemetry solution consists of two components: a custom hardware unit that connects to each vending machine, and cloud-based data analysis software. Together, they collect and display real-time information in a specially configured dashboard to make decision-making easy and increase efficiency. 

While the components work best together, they also work with third-party systems through API connections.


Avoids unnecessary visits


Less downtime


Increased warehouse efficiency