Works very easily via website and/or smartphone
Multiple donate goals in one transaction
Various payment options available

What is ValinsoDonate?

ValinsoDonate is a user-friendly system to receive donations and gifts. It can be used to collect online or to have someone donate for a good cause. As a collector, you will receive a QR code or link for the website. This links to the donate page. You can even donate for multiple causes in one transaction. ValinsoDonate offers several packages for purchasing this very user-friendly system.

How does ValinsoDonate work?

QR codes
With the ValinsoDonate system, you can purchase a different number of QR codes. These QR codes can be used, for example, for a weekly collection of a church service or sport promotion. If you want to have multiple collections or promotions take place at the same time, you can purchase multiple QR codes. QR codes can be placed on a (promotion) website as well as on other means. Such as flyers, magazines, etc. If collections or promotion do not coincide, the QR codes can be re-used.

Payment methods
ValinsoDonate uses different payment methods. On the donation page, the donor can set and transfer an amount per collection goal of the relevant week. This can be done by means of two payment methods, namely Payconiq and iDEAL, the first of which has lower transaction costs. Soon it will also be possible to pay with ApplePay and Paypal. The donated amounts are transferred to the account of the relevant authority, with a specification of how much has been given for each collection target.

ValinsoDonate is available in different packages

All prices are exclusive VAT

Available payment options

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